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Tips for the First Week of Quitting Smoking

Nicorette First Week Challenge

We believe that quitting smoking is one of the most amazing things you can ever do, but we also know that it’s one of the most difficult. We're here to help.

You may choose to quit smoking completely or you may want to quit gradually. We’ll support you through every step of the journey that works best for you. If you decide to quit smoking completely, consider taking the NICORETTE® First Week Challenge® with the help of NICORETTE® Gum. It’s clinically proven to increase your chances of success.

The First Week of Quitting Predicts Your Success

We’ll work together to get you through the crucial first week of quitting smoking:

Nicorette First Week Challenge

If you're successful at staying smoke-free for the first week of quitting smoking, then you're 9x more likely to quit for good.

Take the NICORETTE® First Week Challenge™

We’ll work together to get you through the crucial first week of quitting smoking:

How The NICORETTE® First Week Challenge™ Works

Take the NICORETTE® First Week Challenge® and stop smoking for 7 days. During that week, use NICORETTE® Gum to actively fight cravings and withdrawal symptoms and help you break the habit.

By quitting completely, you’ll feel the health benefits of stopping smoking more quickly. However, it’s perfectly normal that you’ll feel irritable and frustrated for a while. Don’t worry – we’ll help you get through, and those feelings will decrease after some time.

We know that when you've stopped smoking for good, you'll feel like you can do anything.

Tips for the first week of quitting

As you go through your first week, your cravings will happen less and less. In time, you will not be thinking of smoking at all. But, the first few days can be tough.

Tips to help you stay smoke free:

  • Remind yourself your reasons to quit
  • Keep busy and distract yourself to focus from your thoughts off smoking
  • Limit your smoking triggers
  • Cravings will pass in a few minutes. Take each as they come and try practicing the 4 Ds (Delay the action for five minutes, Deep Breath, Drink Water, or Do Something Else)
  • Call your support network to help keep you motivated
  • Remind yourself of the positives of quitting.

Visit here for more tips on quitting smoking.

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Want to Quit Smoking Gradually?

Learn how to break quitting into manageable steps. You can reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke, while managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms with NICORETTE® Gum.

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