Quit Smoking Combination Therapy with NICODERM Patch & NICORETTE QuickMist


Combination Therapy is 30% more effective than using a single nicotine replacement therapy.

Combination Therapy

Use the NICODERM® patch in the morning for all-day support against withdrawal symptoms, and NICORETTE® QuickMist®, Gum, Inhaler, or Lozenge to tackle your toughest breakthrough cravings.

When used together, you will receive a slow steady supply of nicotine from the patch, plus quick delivery of additional nicotine from NICORETTE® when tough cravings strike. Get the support you need, when you need it most.

NICODERM Patches & NICORETTE QuickMist, Gum, Lozenge, and Inhaler Icons.

Combination Therapy is a clinically proven support system to increase your chance of quitting for good.1


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