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Stay on Track to Quit Smoking

We think it’s amazing that you’ve quit and know that keeping it going can be very difficult at times. This information shares what you need to know to keep on your quit journey, even during those tough times. You can do it – you can break free from smoking for good.

What to Do if You Have a Cigarette

Relapses happen. If you do have a cigarette, we’ll get you back on track with the best strategies.

5 Fitness Milestones to works towards after you quit

Setting yourself some realistic fitness goals can boost your motivation and give you something meaningful to work towards.

Breaking out of a Smoking Routine

Quitting smoking is a learning process. Follow these tips for keeping up your hard work and being smoke-free.

How to Tell Loved Ones About Quitting

If you decide to tell your loved ones about quitting, we have some pointers.

How to Manage Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

Learn how nicotine can affect your weight when you stop smoking.

Helpful Resources

We’ve found other resources to help you quit.