Gets to work on cravings in 60 seconds.

Nicotine cravings can ambush you at any time, and when they do your ability to overcome them through willpower alone is seriously at risk.

Tackling these cravings as quickly as possible can help you to regain control and feel more confident in your quit attempt.

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Slide the black button
down until it can
be pushed lightly

While pushing in,
slide upwards.

Continue until
the top of the
dispenser locks
into place.

Before using for the first time, prime the pump by pressing the top firmly into a tissue until a fine mist appears. If your spray isn't used for more than a couple of days, you may need to repeat this step.

Press the top of the dispenser firmly to release one spray, avoiding your lips. For best results, do not swallow for a few seconds after spraying.Do not inhale
spray to prevent
getting it down
your throat.

To close your dispenser, slide the button down until it can be pushed lightly inwards. While pushing in, slide down to lock, then release.


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Use 1 spray when you would normally smoke a cigarette
or have cravings to smoke.

If your cravings do not disappear, use a second spray. If 2 sprays are required,
future doses may be delivered as 2 consecutive sprays.

Week 1-6


Week 7-9


Week 10-12


After 12 Weeks


Maximum Dose


at a time


per hour


per day

You may experience:
TINGLING LIPS : This is completely normal and is nothing to worry about. To avoid this, try not to get
any spray on your lips. HICCUPS : This is a common side effect for oral forms of Nicotine Replacement
Therapy. A STRONG TASTE : This is quite normal for a Nicotine Replacement product due to the strong
taste of nicotine.

NICORETTE® QUICKMIST® is a stop smoking aid that contains nicotine. To be sure this product is right
for you, always read and follow the label. To be used with willpower as part of a smoking cessation
program. Controls cigarette cravings. Must be 18 years or older to use NICORETTE® QUICKMIST®






Works fast to relieve
your cravings PLUS
withdrawal symptoms.



All the effective
craving and withdrawal
relief of NICORETTE®
in a tiny lozenge.



The only inhaler
with nicotine
clinically proven
to help you quit.

NICORETTE® QuickMist® 3.5 5 10 10
great product, must have for quitting tool kit quitting smoking is not easy, but this spray has been key in getting me two weeks now without a cigarette. I'm using it and zyban. the product simply works, it zaps the 'edge' of a craving impressively fast. but you need to know how to use it, and while it is not hard, it seems many can't figure it out and blame the product. here are my tips: make your mouth 'dry' by swallow your saliva, and don't breathe while you spray the inside of your cheek. it'll make your mouth water a bit, but don't swallow for 10-20 seconds. if you do this, it doesn't burn, doesn't make you hiccup, heartburn, etc. it does seem strangely expensive, but i don't balk at the 'cost cause it works. March 17, 2014
7 Days - So Far So Good! Very effective for me. Almost returned it after 1 spray, wich I inhaled instead of spraying it in my mouth... bad bad bad... I immidietly choked it all out on my computer screen, and at first I thought somthing was wrong with the product. But I gave it another shot, and figured out how to use properly, and since then, I haven't smoke a cigarette in 7 days. Give it a second chance if at first you hated it just like I did, and it works tremendously! Cheer March 10, 2014
i like the desine of it I have been smoking for over 35 yrs this is going to be my fourth attempt to quit its been a few days since I started the mist seems to be working this far ' wish all and everyone the best of luck Dan February 20, 2014
Works but with some problems This product did take my cravings away, however, everytime I did use this product, I would get very sick or have very bad heartburn for a few minutes along with bad hiccups!! I learned that I could only use very small amounts, and no matter what, do not accidentally swallow this! Holy smokes is it bad! lol. Overall this product does work, but for what else it does to me, I would never buy this again. I would prefer to do the patches to be honest. February 11, 2014
Two weeks now, so far so good! I decided to quit smoking (again) after I had day surgery. I have tried every method before and was going to buy the Nicolette gum again. The mist spray was on sale, looked interesting and was a new method I had not used. So I got it. Well, two weeks now and so far so good. Yes it tastes like the gum and the lozenges which quite frankly is not the greatest but I guess that's because nicotine tastes yucky anyway! I did get the occasional hiccough. I did get the occasional cough. But if you angle the spray just right, take a breath before you spray and don't swallow right away it seems to work just fine. It takes a few trys before you get it right. Opening and closing was awkward at first but you get used to it. It is way more convenient than patch or gum. I found that a half dozen sprays is more than enough per day. My biggest concern down the road is what someone else wrote in a review - namely becoming addicted to the spray. If you keep the daily sprays under 10 I suspect this shouldn't be an issue. Regardless it is better than inhaling all the chemicals and carcinogens of a cigarette! I will have to write a follow up review after 3 months to get a better picture of its effectiveness. For now I recommend this product! February 1, 2014
As they say dont work hard, work smart If your in the stage of "i am ready to quit" then this is your product, dont over use this product or else youll be addicted to it. remember Quick mist is there to help you substitute the physical addiction aswell, and the whole idea of not inhaling CO2. this product will give you the "nicotine" only. instead of the other 7000+ chemicals you smoke in one cigarette. IT IS IN YOUR CONTROL TO QUIT, NICORETTE WILL SUPPLY YOU WITH THE NICOTINE, WHICH IS THE REASON YOU SMOKE. THE REST IS ON YOU. January 21, 2014
Horrible! Avoid! Avoid! Avoid! I have been using both the patch and the gum but once in awhile I get just awful cravings. I decided to buy this for those cravings since it apparently was supposed to work in 60 seconds. I opened it, read the directions carefully and proceeded to use.. OH MY GOD!! It BURNED SO BADLY! And immediately I felt nauseous. I had to run literally to the washroom and vomited like crazy. Afterwards I got the hiccups and a terrible headache! I cannot believe this stuff is on the market, it's absolutely terrible! Thanks I will stick with the gum even though it may not be as fast acting. I wasted .00 on this stuff. I am really unhappy about that. I would like my money back because this stuff is going into the trash. January 20, 2014
Pros and Cons. Use at own risk, read full review. When I quit smoking about six months ago, I picked up quick mist to try and help me quit. It worked amazingly well, in fact it actually worked too well. The great things about this product are that it is relatively cheap to buy, when compared with a carton of smokes, it can last a long time if you can control your cravings, and its concealable and consumable almost anywhere. My major issue with this product was that I actually managed to get addicted to this, when I was trying to quit smoking. Yea, I definitely managed to quit smoking, but it was like replacing one addiction with another one. I would recommend this only on one condition. You should use serious caution when using this product in order not to end up becoming addicted to this stuff instead. It is very easy to overdose, and over time your body builds a tolerance. I was running through one canister every 3 or 4 days. Coming off those things was ten times harder than quitting smoking. December 13, 2013
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